Moody 422/425 Specific Boat's Genealogy

Alessandro Commodari

Alessandro Commodari
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Currently, there is a Moody 425 for sale in in the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala. The boat's name is Io.

Here's a brief history of this boat provided by the yacht broker:

"this Moody was purchased new in the UK in 1991 and spent its first few months getting equipment and electronics installed in preparation for long ocean passages. The boat was sailed to the Mediterranean where it spent its first 2 years – sailing all the way to Turkey.
For the transatlantic, since this was the owner’s second crossing, a more interesting route was taken. Starting in Gibraltar, Io was sailed down the coast of Morocco, to the Canary Islands, then down the coast of Africa, stopping in Mauritania, Senegal, and Gambia. In Senegal and Gambia, weeks were spent navigating up the rivers to the interior of the countries where few yachts go. Then over to the Cape Verde Islands and across the Atlantic to French Guiana in South America. From French Guiana up to Surinam and Tobago, then finally Grenada. Grenada was then a base for several years, as it is a good spring board to the Venezuelan coast/islands, the Grenadines, and Lesser Antilles.

A few year later, the boat was sailed up to the Ft Meyers area in Florida which was another good base for a couple of years with easy access to Cuba, Mexico and Belize. It was at this point that the owner discovered the Rio Dulce area of Guatemala and fell in love. Safe from hurricanes, very friendly people, good facilities and its proximity to Belize, Cuba and the Bay islands, all made Rio Dulce a perfect home."

Many years ago, the original owner became ill; returned home to Canada; and, sadly passed away. The boat has been on the hard for at least 8 years and has deteriorated considerably.

Anyone familiar with this vessel?