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Tall People In A Moody (36-42)...

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Ollie Taylor, 24/8/16.

  1. I'm thinking of Purchasing a Moody 36-42. I'm 6 ft 4" (192cm) tall.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience/advice they would share of living in a Moody 36-42 and who is above average height. Eventually I would want to be able to live aboard.

    The only advice I had so far is that I should get German build - Bavaria or Hanse.
  2. Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams Jeff Williams

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    Moody 346
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    South Coast
    Hi Ollie,
    Welcome to MOA.
    I am 6ft 5" tall.
    My experience is limited to living aboard a 346 and a 425. I had no problems on the 425 as it has an island bed in the aft cabin so my feet an easily hang out and enough headroom throughout. Some boats have bunks/beds between bulkheads which I find uncomfortable as I like to stretch out at night. This is true of the 346 and older 40/42 Moody models. So I find it easier to sleep in the fore cabin.
    So my recommendation is unless you are happy to sleep forward, buy a boat with an island bed but of course I also recommend a Moody.
  3. Neil Eccles

    Neil Eccles Neil Eccles Executive Committee

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    Website Editor
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    Moody 42
    Cruising area:
    West Coast of France and North Coast Of Spain
    Hi Ollie,

    I've a Moody 42 and am 6'4" It is really fine for headroom. I need to duck going through doors in bulkheads and watch myself in the aft heads area, but it really works very well.

    The aft cabin bed is well big enough, not so the fore cabin although it is useable.

    To take a standup shower in the forward heads you need to open the hatch, but sitting on the loo cover is fine and works well. In the aft heads you can't take a standup shower, but the separate sit down shower works so well and contains the splashes.

    They are brilliant boats and we live aboard from May to Sept annually.