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Teak Decks-

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Bill Dawson, 7/11/17.

  1. Bill Dawson

    Bill Dawson William Dawson Temporary Member

    I see a lot of the Moodies which are for sale have teak decks. Is this a problem for the buyer of a Moody with a teak deck? What is the core material used and have many owners had to deal with leaking teak, compromised core material and major cost both in time and money to correct the situation.
  2. Duncan Hall

    Duncan Hall Duncan Hall

    Boat name:
    Mayflower, Plymouth
    Boat type:
    Moody 42
    Cruising area:
    South Coast
    I have a 2001 model and the main teak is fine. However the cockpit seats and sole together with the transom stem are teak on ply. This does not last as long and had to be replace.

    The surveyor found no issues with compromised core material which on my vessel is balsa except for around deck fittings where plywood is used.

    I believe the deck is made up from teak laid into fiberglass panels thus reducing the likelihood of damage to the core.
  3. Peter Sims

    Peter Sims Peter Sims

    Boat name:
    Ocean Quay Marina, Southampton
    Boat type:
    Moody 44
    Cruising area:
    Hi Bill
    I think fixing method depends on model and age. My 1997 M44 purchased last year has teak decks that are glued down with very few screws into the deck. When new the teak was 9mm thick. As Duncan says cockpit seats and floor along with transom steps are teak faced ply with just 2mm of teak and wear out much more quickly. Moody Decking have the templates for all the teak faced ply parts (for a M44 at least) and made me pre-formed panels to just drop in and glue down. All these panels are on a thin GRP backing sheet and are made from solid teak.
    Before buying my boat I looked at a 1987 M47 where the teak decks had recently been removed and replaced with gelcoat. A remarkably good job but the old deck on that boat had been screwed down so hundreds of holes to fill before gelcoat applied.
  4. John Dekkers

    John Dekkers John Dekkers Registered Guest

    Hi Bill,

    I am shopping as well and have the same concerns. There is a fantastic You-Tube channel called "Sail Life" from a fellow in Denmark. He publishes once a week following his project boat Athena and is almost finished up the re-coring of his deck. It had teak decks and if you go back about 6 months in his videos you will see just how rotten the deck was. His boat came I think from Scotland which is a particularly soggy place so this could factor into your choices as well. While his boat is a Warrior 38 and not Moody, I'm not inclined to believe other screwed decks would fair much better.

    Best Regards,