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Thinking Of Buying And Restoring 1975 Moody 33 Mk1

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Tabor Johnson, 14/9/17.

  1. I have found a 1975 33 MK1 an hour from my house for 6500£ asking price.

    Engine has been repowered with a westerbeak 27hp

    Original stanfing rigging (wow)
    Tired sails

    I am a happy DIY guy
    I know this part of the forum is not suppose to be too technical, the questions I ask are to help me assess how much money I will need to put into this vessel, sail it for 3 to 5 years and at least get my money back in selling her to upgrade to a liveaboard for my wife and three daughters. (Possible a moody 40 primrose)

    What is the diamiter of the standing rigging?
    Deck core materials?
    Prone to blisters?
    Any issues with the cabin top (structurally with the deck steped mast)?
    Has anyone replaced the chain plate knees and how accessible are they?
    A good place to find affordable sails?
    Fuel and water tank material and how difficult to remove and replace if needed.
    And any other things I should look out for when i go to check her out.

    Lots of cosmetice work but if she has good bones is it worth the restoration.
    What is the lowest price you have seen the MK1 go for

    Thank you for your time.