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Thornycroft T-108 and gearbox for sale

Miguel Estrela

Miguel Estrela
Boat name
Port Edgar Marina
Boat type
Moody 41
Cruising area
Scotland East Coast
Hi all, as i plan to embark on a longer trip, i decided to replace my old Thronycroft T108 with gearbox. The engine runs fine (see videos of it below), so i think it would be worth to try to sell it. When cruising at 1500-1800rpm, no smoke is seen, but when giving throttle kicks (full ahead/astern for 3 sec) needed for close quarter manoeuvring, there is some blue smoke coming out. Below is a link with photos and videos of the engine, as well as a list of replacement parts.

Send me a private message if you are interested to discuss further!

Engine: Thornycroft T108 (~1983), with connection to calorifier​
Gearbox: ZF 10 M (same age as engine)​
Spares: alternator, injection pipes, all gaskets​
Modified parts: old air intake replaced with truck air intake for ease or replacing parts, screws on water pump replaced with wing screws for ease​
Recent parts: stainless exhaust elbow, all maintenance parts (water impellor, heating plugs, fuel/oil filters, etc)​
Link to photos and videos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Kkfyhpaokhb4cOyC3
Link for documentation such as engine spare part list, power curve, workshop manual, etc: https://drive.google.com/open?id=143vmHf1hax6ix0e6dyhnjiMWu5Cx0CP-
Current location: Port Edgar Marina, Edinburgh, Scotland​

Kind regards,