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U.k. Charts, Folios, Tidal Atlas And Pilot Guides

Paul Lingard

Paul Lingard
Boat name
Hamble Point
Boat type
Moody S38
Cruising area
South Coast and Atlantic France
Calypso now left U.K. shores for good (in our ownership at least!). The following are offered with postage charged at cost in addition unless stated:

Imray Charts

C61 - St George’s Channel Oct 2012 with plastic sleeve as new. £8
C65 - Crinan to Mallaig and Barra Nov 2003 with sleeve very good £7. SOLD
C66 - Mallaig to Rudha Reid and Outer Hebrides with sleeve good £6. SOLD
Y70 - Isle of Man Oct 2006 with sleeve very good £7


Leisure Edition SC 2169 Approaches to the Firth of Lorne 2003 no sleeve £5. SOLD

Tidal Stream Atlas NP257 Approaches to Portland edition 3 reprinted 2010 very good £7.50

Admiralty Chart Folios:
We used these for just a few weeks when travelling from Scotland to Southampton in 2016 and again less than 3 weeks this year when heading to Falmouth before crossing to France. They will have a few waypoints marked on them as I don’t have a decent rubber eraser to hand, but otherwise are little used and In very good condition.

NOTE - free postage to someone purchasing all folios. Individual folios available from 20 November if not sold as a set prior to that date (expression of interest invited before them). Individual price excludes postage at cost, max £5 hopefully less.

SC5600 The Solent and Approaches 15th edition (2015?? Current is 17th edition) With sleeve very good. £20

Sc5601 East Devon and Dorset Coast 11th Edition (2016 -current?). Sleeve. Very good with sleeve £25

SC5602 The West Country: Falmouth to Teignmouth 11th Edition (2015 current?). Very good with sleeve. £23

SC5603 Falmouth to Hartland Point Including the Isles of Scilly 10th Edition (2015 current??). Very good with sleeve £23 SOLD

Pilot Guides

The Shell Channel Pilot Tom Cunliffe, Imray, 7th Edition 2014 (not current) good condition £16 including postage NOW SOLD

West Country Cruising Companion Mark Fishwick, Wiley, 7th Edition 2008 (not current) £13 including postage.

VPCalypso AT gmail.com
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Simon Hale

Simon Hale
Boat name
Fleetlands, Portsmouth
Boat type
Moody 30
Cruising area
Hi Paul, Yes please to the Shell Channel Pilot book. I will pm you
Regards. Simon