Moody 36 (80s) Venmerrion

Robert Weston

Robert Weston
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Hi all,

My partner and I have been looking at various 34-36 foot boats for the last few months with a view to buying one to live aboard next year. The Moody 36 CC (1980s version) seems to fit both our budget and expectations perfectly. There's a few for sale around the UK but I have found one in particular in Lefkas, Greece which looks like it has been well looked after and customised. I am going to fly out to see her next month but in the meantime have two questions for your expert knowledge:

1) When I go to look over this boat, is there anything in particular I should be checking? What is the bugbear of the Moody 36?

2) Does anybody know the history of this boat? Its name is Venmerrion and it appears to be registered out of Exmouth.

Please reply below or if you want to get in touch with me directly my e-mail is


Rob Weston