For Sale Volvo MD22L for sale/parts

Melanie Finley

Melanie Finley
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No Fixed Address
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Moody 44 (90s)
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Currently Cruising Europe

We are in the process of repowering our Moody 44 and so we have removed the original Volvo MD22L (50 HP) and gearbox (circa 1996). The boat is new to us and an issue with the aluminum head on the MD22L was discovered during the purchase process. One thing led to another and now we are replacing the engine.

The MD22L only had 950 clocked hours. Aside from the unfortunate issue with the head, the engine was reported to be in good working order. The heat exchanger was reportedly serviced recently and no faults were found. No transmission issues were reported. We are interested in selling the old engine (possibly breaking for parts); however, the head is removed and some parts (e.g., muffler) may be used with the new engine. We may also want to keep some other parts if we can use them as spares.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee the condition of any part. The engine is in Gillingham area. We should know exactly what will be available soon. Please send me an email at if you are interested and indicate what you are after and make an offer.

Thanks, Morgan