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Want To Buy Moody 44 Or 46

Discussion in 'Thinking of buying a Moody ask a question here' started by Leanne Higgins, 4/12/16.

  1. Leanne Higgins

    Leanne Higgins Leanne Higgins Registered Guest

    We are keen to purchase either a 44 or 46, there are none here in Australia for sale that we can find ?? Are prepared to buy overseas, any suggestions? Would really like to view a 46 here in Oz, if anyone would be open for us to come aboard to view, please get in touch
    many thanks
  2. Michael Barrett

    Michael Barrett Michael Barrett

    Boat name:
    Boat type:
    Moody 46
    Cruising area:
    Chesapeake Bay, Usa

    Can't talk about Oz, but if your travels bring you to the USA, there are a couple of M46/7s on the West Coast (Seattle) and some on the East Coast (Virginia-Chesapeake). The boats/owners can be found on the MOA Owners List on this website. Boats might be ashore or under wraps for winter storage, but any owner would try very hard to accommodate a visit if you can provide advance notice.