Moody Eclipse 33 Possible to install holding tank in Mk 1 model?

John Proudlove

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I'm viewing an Eclipse 33 tomorrow which doesn't have a holding tank. I'd like to keep it in a marina at times and sail in Europe, where this would be an issue. Has anyone tried retrofitting a tank and deck fitting for pumping out shoreside? Any advice would be appreciated!
Hi John and welcome to the MOA,

I'm sure it would be possible, although you probably wouldn't get a very large capacity holding tank in an Eclipse 33. Ideally you would go for a bespoke tank, e.g. from Tek-Tanks:

to get the best capacity in the available space. Clearly, bespoke is pricier than standard shape & size. As well as a deck pump out you would need a filtered vent high up in the topsides.

Hopefully an Eclipse 33 owner will be along shortly to tell you of their experience fitting a holding tank, someone must have done it for Tek-Tanks to have the design on their website.

Although I believe not available to Registered Guests there is a write up in the technical library for the installation of a holding tank on an Eclipse 33, although I do not know whether it was on a mk1. It was a bespoke 53 litre tank from Tek-Tanks.
Paul Cleaver's description of how to do this in the Tech Library is an excellent read. I don't remember whether his is a MkI or MkII Eclipse, but there is no difference in the design of that part of the boat in the two variants that I'm aware of. There are differences in the way pipes, drainholes and other assorted build features are arranged between individual boats in each of the variants so improvising on Paul's design and layout is likely to be needed. The Tek-Tanks' E33 holding tank design is (as I understand it) Paul's design which they now sell to other owners.

The only other place I can think of that is realistically useful for placing a holding tank is under the port side of the v-berth, though routing pipework from the head, back to the seacock (if required) and for the pump out and vent pipes would be a lot more challenging unless a corner of the chain locker is used. I'd not want the tank in the cabin, nor pipework of the length needed, nor pipework in the chain locker where it could be damaged so to my mind Paul's solution of placing the tank behind the bathroom cabinet is the only good solution.

As for the size, Paul's description mentions a (possibly superceded) Spanish specification that should be searchable on the internet that requires a minumum 40 litre tank for a vessel the size of the Eclipse so the 53 litre tank gives ample room. It might be possible to fit a larger tank, especially if you don't want the gravity drain option Paul specified, but you'd likely find it necessary to cut the vanity unit surface or something else in order to manouvre it into position. Paul's design is effectively invisible once fitted and the panels reinstalled. You'd also have to specify the design yourself.

I feel that the membership cost would be justified for accessing this one resource in itself, let alone the vast amount of other information the site has to offer.
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Many thanks for the very informative replies. In the event I passed on the Eclipse in favour of a larger Nauticat, which is just within my budget. It's clear the MOA is a formidable resource and a great selling point for anyone thinking of buying a Moody. I'll bear that in mind if ever in the market for one of these fine boats again!